Real Estate Strategies for The New Economy Seminar

20 Feb

Join us for our 2 Days Real Estate Strategies for The New Economy Seminar on March 9, in Hawaii Convention Center (Honolulu).

Why You Should Attend


Anyone who is concerned about the new tax and investing laws that went into effect on January 1, 2013. Consider this, it is already 2013 and have you ASKED YOURSELF any of the following questions:

How will Dodd-Frank affect my real estate investing this year?

o    What should I be doing differently today to be debt free in 10 years?

o    How will fully utilizing the tax code increase my cash flow in 2013?

o    What are IRS red flags sure to get me audited?

o    What might my state do in the future to balance its state budget?

o    Has my asset protection plan been properly maintained?

These are common questions every investor should understand and be able to answer. Unfortunately, some of you probably didn’t even know to ask yourself a few of these questions. Why continue to overpay in taxes, risk reducing your lifestyle in retirement, or risk everything you are working on creating because of a lack of good advice.

What You Will Learn

If you think you are doing everything you can possibly do to protect your assets and minimize your taxes then this event is not for you.  This two day workshop is for those investors who want to learn from the best in the country when it comes to planning for real estate investments reducing taxes.  Here is some of what will be covered:

  • How to plan around the new tax law changes for 2013 and beyond.
  • How to accelerate your real estate depreciation to save $1,000s annually
  • How to legally buy real estate subject to existing financing
  • Practical tips for improving your loan packet for Underwriting
  • How you can use a business entity to improve your personal FICO SCORE
  • How to create a holding company in a tax neutral state to protect your investments
  • How to use multiple LLCs and avoid multiple tax return filings
  • How to properly take title in a LLC or land trust
  • How to avoid violating Dodd-Fank and ending up in the big house
  • Tax deferred investing options that do not include the use of a self-directed IRA
  • Discussion of recent RS audits of real estate investors – what went wrong and why
  • How to legally use land trusts in Hawaii
  • How to protect your residence with an impenetrable shield
  • How to increase your real estate investment return through entity planning
  • How to keep your books and records straight – dotting i’s and crossing t’s
  • How to create tax free income for retirement

Walk you through creating a joint venture LLC for real estate investing that is designed to protect all parties involved

Who Should Attend This Workshop

This program is for serious investors like you who want to get it right. What steps did you take in 2012 to reduce your tax liability or lawsuit exposure? The answer for far too many of us is little to none. Don’t be a procrastinator and falsely convince yourself you will work on it later. We all know later will most likely never arrive because life always seems to get in the way. Consider this, every person I have worked with who was served with a lawsuit always says the same thing – “I can’t believe this could happen to me.” If it does, the question you should ask yourself is: Do you want to be prepared? In the past year, our entity structures have saved 3 clients over $6,000,000 in potential judgments. If you asked any of these people, each would tell you how thankful he or she was for taking the time to protect his or her assets.

This is a no B.S. event. We are not going to make unrealistic promises about tax deductions that won’t work and will most likely get you audited. You are paying to learn and that is what you will do. I can’t promise you will absorb it all because this class is rich in information, but do not fret because we are filming it so you can review it at a later date.

Many events are nothing but a sales pitch from multiple speakers.  This will not happen at this workshop. Why? Because we are not bringing in any outside speakers. The only people teaching at this event are attorneys and CPAs associated with Anderson. This event is about education.  While we offer to prepare your taxes or set up an entity for you, we are not going to hit anyone over the head with a hammer to buy any CDs, books and seminars.  You have our PERSONAL GUARANTEE or your money back!

To RSVP click on the link:

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